Buying Time

Impossible: To find the cashFor buying time.Oranges, sweet crudeCoffee, corn,Commodities tradersDelisted love and friendship Health and fathers.The buying chits line The exchange floorLike clothing once In the bedroom.Proof money can’t Buy love.In department storesPerfumed and made upClerks compartmentalizeStuffed emotions and Big wide-eyed bearsInto shopping bags. Leaving through A glass revolving door Tumbling onto the gray

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Taping Our Gifts

For Brian Legeose https://brianlageose.blog Gluing ourselves together for theLoves of our livesOut of obligation I’m exposed – borne from thoseDeep cracks. We open wide, wider than a canyonEngulfing everything that walks byIt never saw us thereA gaping hole readyTo swallowThem whole.Didn’t they understandNot looking around we might take themTo a watery grave below?There’s not enough

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New Born Evergreen

Wandering questions before a wooded labyrinth Whisper, asking for a grand theory A cannon filled with run on unpunctuated sentences And questions unanswerable, Heard as whispers in the wind, barely audible! For the life of me I couldn’t tell you who said what or what they said. But that’s the sounds of trees for you:

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