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Hope Leaves

Hope lives In yellow lemons heavy and ripe with the color of all sunshine.Trees aching with sour blissSomehow finding happinessWhile wearing the remains Of lingering acid kisses.Long before we arrivedAll that light found a singleBranch. I look in my handHaving the entire universe Right in my palm.Mystery peels back the miseryReplaced by heat and the

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Necessary evil, failure. Learning from mistakesLike lying and broken bonesThe body breaks down And cries for more.In this case tearsHung high inside a bagDelivered through a tube Poking into my chest Plugged in with a needle.Giggling to myself “Not a nipple”Laughters ripple effect Spans out amongst the others And now everyone’s Going to get in

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The Therapeutic Effects of Telling Our Stories

For over five years now since my de novo diagnosis, writing continues to provide a positive forum for my metastatic cancer experience. Essays and poetry as well as my blog are all unlimited in so far as opportunities for my creativity and outlets for my emotional ups and downs. Friendships develop through these forums –

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