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Common Birds

There are no common birds. Each wing, every song, so singular and distinct. From my distant grounded sightIn perfect view of every one after the next,Watching for colors or shadows interesting and complex. As the cat wraps his tawny coat around my painful knees, he sees breakfast landing amongst the full green summer trees. He

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Our MBC Life Podcast: The Healing Power of Writing

Our MBC Life: The healing power of writing “ During this month dedicated to Mental Health Awareness, we want to take a deep dive into the healing power of writing for those of us in the MBC community.  I have admired the writing of so many greats in our community:  the poet Anya Silver, memoirist

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Abandoned,What no longerFinds its use. I fill my arkWhile the flood, angryAnd possessed,Picks up the dropped broomsAnd sweeps us all away.If I could take all my thingsI could fill up the seasWith picturesWith memories. These barrenThings cannot reproduce.They’re useless to you,So die with me. There’s another vesselMore expansive than mineOne stolen from the earthItself –

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