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Maps and Legends

We all fall down.
The ground grows smaller,
As I pass the Earth,
Becoming her daughter.
Funny to stand today, 
Eclipsing the sun.
My books marked still,
On page one.

Angelic Details

Lampfish unevolved, light the crevice, (otherworldly!) Blindly finding their ceviche (weirdly!) A dinner time resevation for one, Below the heaving inky pressures Seas lifting other treasures. Above on uboats rocking, spit roasted on a gun, On rising waves. Cresting, comes the new, Seemingly unborn facing headlong, due east. Darwinian measures for Blackbeards pleasures, Never found

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Aborted Flight

Ugly surprise. Shrinking.Tag – you have “it.”   From a secure pilots seat, I ascended into the air My back holds no parachute. Speeding towards an ever larger ground, Too fast with the map, My territory expands at rates unseen before. I smack down on the ground, I writhe for longer than pain allows. The

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