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The Cancer Card: Membership has its perks!

We leave the hospital with a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis and our cancer card in hand along with an advance directive like a diploma. Here’s several ways in which you might carefully use yours to benefit from having a death sentence.

10 Years Gone: How things change, yet how much they stay the same

I want to give you a small gift from my heart- it’s actually a re -gift but worthwhile to share as it is a letter written to the younger of my two stepsons. By his 10th birthday we’d shared three together as a family. I met their father a year after his divorce and met

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Taping Our Gifts

For Brian Legeose https://brianlageose.blog Gluing ourselves together for theLoves of our livesOut of obligation I’m exposed – borne from thoseDeep cracks. We open wide, wider than a canyonEngulfing everything that walks byIt never saw us thereA gaping hole readyTo swallowThem whole.Didn’t they understandNot looking around we might take themTo a watery grave below?There’s not enough

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