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Metastatic Breast Cancer: A Day in the Life with COVID19

Yesterday morning at 1:00 am I departed the ER after 12 hours. While I entered and was admitted to the hospital because of metastatic breast cancer I was discharged and departed of my own demand for release from the hospital because of metastatic breast cancer. This, the great irony of terminal illnesses, brings me to

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Clinical Trials

Characteristics measure weather And driving risk factors.It’s late now to turn back.And where your next paycheck comes from or whereyou’re going to get the food you need to eat? The luxury of wanting to explore the world Comes as a consequenceOf knowing there’s moreOut there than just us.The injustice of beginning to know:We residents of

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Video: Add a Face to My Words

This is one of the videos I have been asked to do this year to talk about life with metastatic breast cancer. They’re difficult to get out – sometimes by voicing these emotions, I feel like I’m separating the cream from the milk if you know what I mean, and afterwards comes the “clouds in

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