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Abandoned, along withWhat no longerFinds use, I fill my arkWhile the flood, angryAnd possessed,Picks up the dropped broomsAnd sweeps us all away.If I could take all my thingsI could fill up the seasWith picturesWith memories. These barrenThings cannot reproduce.They’re useless to you,So die with me.There’s another vesselMore expansive than mineOne stolen from the earthItself –

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Necessary evil, failure. Learning from mistakesLike lying and broken bonesThe body breaks down And cries for more.In this case tearsHung high inside a bagDelivered through a tube Poking into my chest Plugged in with a needle.Giggling to myself “Not a nipple”Laughters ripple effect Spans out amongst the others And now everyone’s Going to get in

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The Last Poet Standing

For Melissa Blank and Ben North Lasting longer than the restThe final poet stood up Amidst thousands of booksBurned down around her feetNow ashes to ashes, now complete.Dust to dust sunrise to duskShe asked the gods to slip Into her mind what she couldn’t findDescriptions, colors, thoughtsFlowers she’s never seen, people sheMay never meet. And

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