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Sometimes we become broken,Cracked wide open andRise above the livingLike storm clouds.Calling to us with distant thunder,Electrifying our bodiesWith bolts of lighteningAlighting the skiesWith nature’s sobbingHer way of bereavingHeavy with the water of grief.When her wind picks us up that’s The time I rise to attend to my garden,Through eyes unable to discernWhats weed for

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Self Love in a the Time of Covid

Can you love yourself during a global crisis? How do you live in a world in crisis and turn inside to love yourself? To do work on the self during a global cascade of tremendously life threatening situations is to turn in and find the faith to be kind, conscious and dedicated to be of

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That necessary evil, failure. The body breaks down, Crying childishly For a bottle. No more sweet warm milk to pacify. Thumbs down Because you see copper pipes those sturdy ducts dried up, stolen, sold. A single bed on a dark dirty floor. No braided plaited rug, primary yellow red blue green black and white, cover

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