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Video: Poetry and Breast Cancer with Surviving Breast Cancer

youtube.com/watch I believe in the therapy of writing – no matter what you write – journal, blog, book, poetry, cards. It’s all helpful to connect with the emotional turmoil of breast cancer – actually any and every cancer. Here’s a special video break from the usual reading programming here. If you’re a reader of my

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Fulmination: A poem in photographic parts

To my aram cara, who knew this poem prior to its appearance here, I decided to publish its parts as photographs. We may never get a chance to see our images together in a picture. Perhaps one of us hands our phone to a passerby after asking if they’d not mind, “oh thank you so

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“Let go of your ego.Send it up up and away!For a while, anyway.”Opening my each Of my eyes I wonderDid anyone even notice I’d gone upAscending into the cloudsLike a bird or a plane.I’m looking downAt unmapped topography. Memories of me:Images of a wolf runningThrough unknown forests Below the tree canopy; A blue heron Flying

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