Tag: poems about spirituality

Tropic of Cancer

I. He Quick stepping and waltzing Precise as a surgeon cuts into The body, like a first kiss. Her softness ages his face. Speech fails him, words Slurred with the stroke of An unset clock stuttering Her number in the dark. His hand reaches under her breast Bone tapping out a beat Inside her hallowed

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Facial Blindness*

Her brittle old tortoise shell prescriptions Blur a head of softly graying curls He needs a cut, she whispers, always to herself. Anyone in or not in the grocery store line that afternoon. Recognizing Cantaloupe, honeydew, whole milk Lettuce heads and newly sprouted wheat, and Baby spinach asleep in the sway of her basket. A

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Icy Melody

My day will come as my last breath expressed Turns to crystal in winter. Unable to inhale ice It runs away from me Melting in streams down to The curb, mixing with Every other breath In the heavy frozen season. Here in the past We remain flowing Opaque as ice sheets Over beds of open

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