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“Let go of your ego.Send it up up and away!For a while, anyway.”Opening my each Of my eyes I wonderDid anyone even notice I’d gone upAscending into the cloudsLike a bird or a plane.I’m looking downAt unmapped topography. Memories of me:Images of a wolf runningThrough unknown forests Below the tree canopy; A blue heron Flying

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What’s on your heart today?

Leave the heavynessOn the floor beside youAnd let air pour in the door slightly open and without lossTell me what weighs on your heart.Nature herself laughs and clapsWith thunderous air. Leave your caresBeneath the eaves and breathe Inside a forest where you litterThe needle bed with despair.Allow a friend to sit a bit, just a

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Where’s Your Mind at Night: A dive into cancer and insomnia

Terminal illness effects the mind in some not so obvious ways. If you’ve got cancer of any kind certainly you’ve done deep, soul searching, looking for your own priorities and answers to life’s big philosophical questions. Yet even if you’re not terminally ill, there must’ve been times when you thought about some deep stuff, right?

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