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NancysPoint.com – Nancy’s Summer Blog Hop, Hop On

Who are you? Tell us whatever you want about you and your blog. What’s in a name: Ilene my first name after my great grandfather a cantor who came to the United States from Russia in 1910. He wrote and sang liturgical Hebrew music, which is still sung in temples and synagogues around the United

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Poetry Friday @JBBC Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

Poetry Friday Poetry Friday — Read on journeyingbeyondbreastcancer.com/2020/02/07/poetry-friday-169/ I write poetry when the my heart calls to me and as a job of sorts, I must write to practice the craft. Draft after draft. (Crumlples up paper, throws and misses basket, starts again…) I write haikus in #haikuwars with @thankscancer and their followers. I write

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