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Cancer screenings delayed during Covid leading to deadly results

ehrnprd.blob.core.windows.net/wordpress/pdfs/Delayed-Cancer-Screenings-Second-Look.pdf Read the well researched well collated information from around the United States and if the number is true that 10,000 additional cancer deaths would be extrapolated from 86% fewer screenings of breast cancer alone, I tend to think this number is not only low but optimistic. While the number of screenings are on the

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“Let go of your ego.Send it up up and away!For a while, anyway.”Opening my each Of my eyes I wonderDid anyone even notice I’d gone upAscending into the cloudsLike a bird or a plane.I’m looking downAt unmapped topography. Memories of me:Images of a wolf runningThrough unknown forests Below the tree canopy; A blue heron Flying

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Paracentesis#10: metastatic Breast cancer treatment side effects

Today marks my 10th Paracentesis aka periocentesis. Now my abdominal organs can get properly seated after six weeks of fluid build up. There’s several narratives in the emergency room. The ER patient’s story, and the stories of minimally 12 people whose aim should look through a scope to find the best possible outcome for the

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