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The Memory of Hope

My memory of time catches my eye around corners, forgotten in places where dust collects, where I found innocence. Was I ever bereft of compassion? Or is it guile, just kids on a gymnasium floor throwing a sun-sized red ball, aiming for black boxes and for the kill. Are we still so cruel? Hit hard

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Losing My Words

Renting this space, a greedy silence hangs a picture’s worth of words Everyone could see that Thousands thousands swallowed whole by memory’s avarice. Wishing wells charge a nickel for spitting change at our feet. Copper coins disguising restless dreams for your thoughtlessness. Ascending into the ravenous night It’s darker still craving the whispering of sleep

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Pet Rich Ore

(Dedicated to chemotherapy) I feel a sense of aftermath, In rivers, lakes and ponds. Fog, water’s mystical state Lifted the ground up by noon You can do the math: What’s left over after a storm? Storms send a distinct message Precise, yet misunderstood. They instead try getting attention By bringing up from the roads An

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