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Four connected haikus about existence and sake

Haikus at their best, change somewhere before the last syllable. The classic 5-7-5 syllabic system of the bento box of poetry gives us a moment to pause and breathe in and out with each word like bites of something delicious. Like good poetry, savor it all. Put the fork and knife down politely on your

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Sometimes we become broken,Cracked wide open andRise above the livingLike storm clouds.Calling to us with distant thunder,Electrifying our bodiesWith bolts of lighteningAlighting the skiesWith nature’s sobbingHer way of bereavingHeavy with the water of grief.When her wind picks us up that’s The time I rise to attend to my garden,Through eyes unable to discernWhats weed for

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Soul Drunk

“Don’t wait” the first Invitation*, states.Subject and verb meantWhat I heard: it’s my turn.These wasted times,My healthy days numbered Counting crows in a line.Life and death married And birthed you together So don’t wait for Tonight or for daylight When winds kick up a messOf better yesterdays.Sour mash in a dirty glass Ice diluting the

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