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The Art of Memory: Or my life as a mixed tape

Positively SpeakingSpecifically as it relates to having metastatic breast cancer, thinking positive may work as a curative for some. I’m not a reliable posit of positivity. I can’t hug the philosophy that a congenial attitude somehow will create a better physical environment to heal myself of cancer. I feel great some days, like shit others.

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Feast of Burden

No. I can’t make it down tonight. Through the door you Knock on my belligerence Testing my lock without a key Imploring you: “Please. Go down to greet our company.” Delicately each holds paper napkins Within which each hides Their thin whispers of doubt. “She’s better than expected.” Suddenly everyone earns expert degrees Doctorates of

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How are you?

Cancer is just one physical brick in the wall after the next, one emotional brick in the wall after the next, another pill, another side effect, another loss. The word terminal to describe an illness that kills it’s sufferer, makes so much more sense now. Not so much in 2015 when I was diagnosed. The

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