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I Am from This Time of Covid

I am behind a stranger in the time of Covid When smiles moved from our mouths io to our eyes and faces gave away nothing about intention. Thieves and pastors, warriors and workers, all indistinguishable one from another. I am isolation from the time of Covid, When I already understood the words: alone, and silence,

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The Last Poet Standing

For Melissa Blank and Ben North Lasting longer than the restThe final poet stood up Amidst thousands of booksBurned down around her feetNow ashes to ashes, now complete.Dust to dust sunrise to duskShe asked the gods to slip Into her mind what she couldn’t findDescriptions, colors, thoughtsFlowers she’s never seen, people sheMay never meet. And

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Maskers Ball

Genetic alterations like cleft chins and widows peaks Clean white teeth and braces, Blush and pink watermelon lipgloss, Handlebar mustaches and biker beards All for nothing now and how ridiculous. Behind a mask there’s no way to flash a smile of gratitude to a shop clerk or for someone’s kindness in holding open a door.

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