I Am from This Time of Covid

I am behind a mask from the time of Covid

When smiles moved from our mouths io to our eyes and faces gave away nothing about intention.

Thieves and pastors, warriors and workers, all became indistinguishable.

I am isolation from the time of Covid,

When I already understood the words: alone, and silence, and lockdown.

My body so thirsty for a drink of a hug and the warmth of a kiss as it cools on my cheek leaving the ghost of its memory.

I am immunity from the time of Covid,

When systems of this fragile body and of this broken down earth trembled with the fear of demise.

Like a thief, disease came by every house turning each handle waiting to find an unlocked door to quietly enter and steal our last breaths.

I am from the hospitals in the time of Covid.

When responders to the calls of those who lost their breath and could not speak came to hang from tubes.

Like infants born too soon incubated and unable to bond to Mother Earth and this human race, on the edge of death with mothers worrying,

Praying for a doctor or a nurse to say everything is going to be okay.

I am the mutation in this time of Covid

An injection cannot fool me for I will keep you behind a mask, isolated, without immunity and in despair.

Don’t be alarmed by me – I am here alongside Darwin to break the frail and leave the fittest in tact.

I am hope – from this time of Covid.

And as hope I never lie and I never die and I can unchain us from the fear, the uncertainty and the mutations.

I will enter your souls and open the locked doors to let the gentle breeze of life inside.

As hope I will come into your hearts, removes your masks and finally I will hold you forever and kiss your cheeks, returning the stolen smiles to your face.

As hope I will never fail you and hold you forever in the warmth of my grace.