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Broken Circle

A mirror can’t judge youNor can it lie,A hung jury deliberating In a lawless box.Facing adjudication I swearOn a stack of miracles As a refugeeBelonging nowhere I get dressed for the trial anyway.Singing, humming, bustling Like yesterday but no chairAwaits me at any desk, no rustlingPaperwork into the corrals Where the palominos ran.I’m instead looking

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Cancer and Intimacy: How to maintain life in a healthy relationship when you’re not healthy

I contend, against what some might disagree with, that the fundamental rules of the road still apply to relationships even after a cancer diagnosis. Mind you, special circumstances arise like depression for either partner, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for the patient, anxiety, survivors guilt (if you’re not stage four), and an inability to partake in

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The Mystery Award – Much Gratitude to Lahla for Recognizing My Blog

What is the Mystery Award? Wow an award, so unexpected and so cool. I can’t say I’m not happy to receive the award, though it’s a mystery to me that my words have touched someone enough to nominate my blog. Lahla Brain Cancer Freeish, my nomintatrix to you I am grateful for this award and

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