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The Memory of Hope

My memory of time catches my eye around corners, forgotten in places where dust collects, where I found innocence. Was I ever bereft of compassion? Or is it guile, just kids on a gymnasium floor throwing a sun-sized red ball, aiming for black boxes and for the kill. Are we still so cruel? Hit hard

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I Am from This Time of Covid

I am behind a stranger in the time of Covid When smiles moved from our mouths io to our eyes and faces gave away nothing about intention. Thieves and pastors, warriors and workers, all indistinguishable one from another. I am isolation from the time of Covid, When I already understood the words: alone, and silence,

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Hope Leaves

Hope lives In yellow lemons heavy and ripe with the color of all sunshine.Trees aching with sour blissSomehow finding happinessWhile wearing the remains Of lingering acid kisses.Long before we arrivedAll that light found a singleBranch. I look in my handHaving the entire universe Right in my palm.Mystery peels back the miseryReplaced by heat and the

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