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From Xena’s Blog to Us – Dogs and Cats As Santa’s Helpers

This video has become a tradition for the Holiday Season at We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident . Hope you enjoy! Be safe. Wear a mask. Dogs and Cats As Santa’s Helpers You must watch this great video – dog lover or cat lover you’ll all love this fun holiday cheer. And don’t we

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Taping Our Gifts

For Brian Legeose https://brianlageose.blog Gluing ourselves together for theLoves of our livesOut of obligation I’m exposed – borne from thoseDeep cracks. We open wide, wider than a canyonEngulfing everything that walks byIt never saw us thereA gaping hole readyTo swallowThem whole.Didn’t they understandNot looking around we might take themTo a watery grave below?There’s not enough

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The Gifts of Cancer Treatments

I got a fab surprise when i left my appointment with my radio oncologist today. Look at all that amazing makeup – very high quality and non toxic. I highly recommend going to http://www.igopink.org not my favorite name but i can live with The Breast Cancer Charities of America and the booklet inside is even

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