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Blogging for My Life

Fast. Faster. Gone in a moment. Sometimes before we realize how much faster cancer cells move than our bodies can fend off. We look in the mirror and watch our faces change. We feel our skin and it feels as though it’s not our own. Our breasts change in size, shape, and functional capabilities. Instead of life giving joyous appendages they’ve .become hired guns out to kill the very support system for which they once worked

Thanksgiving at the House of Horrors Starring Canferatu and his brother Cancula

Breast cancer the blood sucking stinking vampiric disease, here he’s spotted deciding if the blood of this victim is delicious payback enough for the pain, suffering, loneliness, and insomnia.

My Struggling Ugly Days with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Ilene Kaminsky

I’ve decided to share these photos with you to show the ugly side of metastatic cancer. The painful side. The side I keep privately to myself.