Tag: friendship and cancer

Taping Our Gifts

For Brian Legeose https://brianlageose.blog Gluing ourselves together for theLoves of our livesOut of obligation I’m exposed – borne from thoseDeep cracks. We open wide, wider than a canyonEngulfing everything that walks byIt never saw us thereA gaping hole readyTo swallowThem whole.Didn’t they understandNot looking around we might take themTo a watery grave below?There’s not enough

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Layers of Acceptance

losing our lives and the cost of indifferent behavior leadership on the individual How do you feel these days? Anxious? Nervous? Depressed? Incarcerated? On house arrest? Disrespected? Cheated? Angry? Depleted ? Bewildered? Mistreated? Do you feel a complete lack of deference to the administration in power in the United States? Deference (also called submission or

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A Fair Question

If you found out you had a terminal illness today and you had no real idea of when you might die but you’re going to die sooner than later a given there’s no cure for your disease what would you change about your life as it exists today?