Tag: death and dying


I can’t sir. I am not prone tonight to eat heaving and Sounding out sloppy syllabic English. Sisyphus gave blood I heard yesterday Helping out our cause at the five and dime. When outnumbered run faster, he remarked Wiping his brow and tossing aside a bead from his neck. Colors streaking and bleeding while Ten

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Graph Paper Plate

Reference me darling but never laughing. Take cover – Mine a degree no matter how, brute force? Over Your walls held up with all your might, Turned into what’s more – a mere apple bite! How rich. On what became my paper you stopped and read The parallel shelves, my hand tight and contorted. You

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Scientific Memorandum

  My darkest secrets erased in chemical warfare Silently, quickly digging out memories hidden in the sand. Diving in and floating farther away then lifting my body Out of pools, my limbs give out to lonely laps, feet Press and push against black markers, right I left Methodically crumbs in lines, then I dive Swimming

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