Tag: death and dying poetry


Necessary evil, failure. Learning from mistakesLike lying and broken bonesThe body breaks down And cries for more.In this case tearsHung high inside a bagDelivered through a tube Poking into my chest Plugged in with a needle.Giggling to myself “Not a nipple”Laughters ripple effect Spans out amongst the others And now everyone’s Going to get in

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Soul Drunk

“Don’t wait” the first Invitation*, states.Subject and verb meantWhat I heard: it’s my turn.These wasted times,My healthy days numbered Counting crows in a line.Life and death married And birthed you together So don’t wait for Tonight or for daylight When winds kick up a messOf better yesterdays.Sour mash in a dirty glass Ice diluting the

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Buying Time

Impossible: To find the cashFor buying time.Oranges, sweet crudeCoffee, corn,Commodities tradersDelisted love and friendship Health and fathers.The buying chits line The exchange floorLike clothing once In the bedroom.Proof money can’t Buy love.In department storesPerfumed and made upClerks compartmentalizeStuffed emotions and Big wide-eyed bearsInto shopping bags. Leaving through A glass revolving door Tumbling onto the gray

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