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Insomniac: Stage IV

Morning yawns and stretches its arms To part the curtains of night. Tired midwife to light from From her expectant horizonThe earth inches towards her morning.Clean, cool fingers weave threads Of sweet perfumed wisteria and moreUnnameable long forgotten blooms. Clean and combed through dew damp air.Buds nodding on their stems, Draw blood from my veins

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Metastatic breast Cancer in the time of Covid: Where’s Our Map?

Not to belabor the fine points, but these may indeed top the charts for strangest days ever. Think about this moment in time. Think about everything facing you and your family and just widen your circle to include the entire world. Think about having metastatic breast cancer during this time. The number of days I’ll

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Clinical Trials

Characteristics measure weather And driving risk factors.It’s late now to turn back.And where your next paycheck comes from or whereyou’re going to get the food you need to eat? The luxury of wanting to explore the world Comes as a consequenceOf knowing there’s moreOut there than just us.The injustice of beginning to know:We residents of

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