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Cancer: It’s all in your head

This third week of January 2021 brought about change. The one we’ve sat in our homes waiting with a national- dare I say global – collective held breath for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to take the reigns out of the hands of a thief. After four ugly years of a petty loose cannon, from

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Losing My Words

Renting this space, a greedy silence hangs a picture’s worth of words Everyone could see that Thousands thousands swallowed whole by memory’s avarice. Wishing wells charge a nickel for spitting change at our feet. Copper coins disguising restless dreams for your thoughtlessness. Ascending into the ravenous night It’s darker still craving the whispering of sleep

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Writing Prompts: Some great tools for those not so fresh days

Help me. Writer’s block sets in slowly and as unpredictably as does productive bursts of semi-genius. Rare is the latter, the former happens at least once a month. Blame the cancer writer’s block occurs far more often than it used to back in my “normal life.” But cancer became my go to writing prompt for

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