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Ashes to Ashes

Radiation in my beggar’s Bones all lit up By a lantern flame Flickering like a firefly In a canning jar. I stand around the ash can To warm my hands. Sipping bitter coffee Wearing just rags and flannels Knees buckle and shiver I wait for the hand with my Next toxic cocktail. All of the

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Researchers attempting to demystify cancer-related fatigue

Fatigue caused by cancer and it’s treatments categorically is no mystery to anyone who lived or lives through the ravaging effects of non targeted whole body chemotherapy. Mitochondria run the energy centers of our cells and chemo damages all of our cells and halts or shows their regeneration. And depending on the type of cell

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My Cancer Ate My Patience

My patience left my body and vocabulary not so long ago. It buried itself in our unorganized two car garage near the washer and dryer. It’s adverb “patiently” waiting and hiding from other eyes under some mildewed, smelly step kid laundry I refuse to wash after two years.