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Cancer screenings delayed during Covid leading to deadly results

ehrnprd.blob.core.windows.net/wordpress/pdfs/Delayed-Cancer-Screenings-Second-Look.pdf Read the well researched well collated information from around the United States and if the number is true that 10,000 additional cancer deaths would be extrapolated from 86% fewer screenings of breast cancer alone, I tend to think this number is not only low but optimistic. While the number of screenings are on the

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Clinical Trials

Characteristics measure weather And driving risk factors.It’s late now to turn back.And where your next paycheck comes from or whereyou’re going to get the food you need to eat? The luxury of wanting to explore the world Comes as a consequenceOf knowing there’s moreOut there than just us.The injustice of beginning to know:We residents of

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Cancer: It’s all in your head

This third week of January 2021 brought about change. The one we’ve sat in our homes waiting with a national- dare I say global – collective held breath for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to take the reigns out of the hands of a thief. After four ugly years of a petty loose cannon, from

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