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Portal to Breast Cancer Resources Including Financial Assistance

http://advocates4breastcancer.org This awesome web portal got on my radar in a private “closed” Facebook group for caregivers of and people with metastatic breast cancer. You’ll find everything from links to groups with emotional support resources to the tangible sorts like copay assistance. It’s a bit design challenged, but don’t let the “crayon” drawings fool you

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Buddy, can you spare word or two?

Expressing the greedy silence A picture’s worth of words Swallowed whole by memory’s avarice. Wishing wells charge five cents for Lies it disguises as your dreams and Sells for a penny a dozen accidents. Ascending into the ravenous night, Darkness craves sleepers who whisper Hungry with the first sun’s frowning light. Handmade gifts thoughtfully cost

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My Shoes

Try walking in these shoes just for one day. Your voice sharpened by authority – a self important tyrant of numbers counting lives in dollars. My money or my life? Extorting me for capsules of poison without which I die. I found a pot of gold burried deep out in our backyard. Yet treasure comes

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