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Who’s at the door? Emerging Carefully from Lockdown

“Someone’s knocking at the door/ somebody’s ringing the bell/ someone’s knocking at the door/ somebody’s ringing the bell/ do me a favor, open the door/ and let ‘em in” Paul McCartney Dreaming of the things we took for granted I feel a bit of fresh air finally coming in through my open door. Along with

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Cancer screenings delayed during Covid leading to deadly results

ehrnprd.blob.core.windows.net/wordpress/pdfs/Delayed-Cancer-Screenings-Second-Look.pdf Read the well researched well collated information from around the United States and if the number is true that 10,000 additional cancer deaths would be extrapolated from 86% fewer screenings of breast cancer alone, I tend to think this number is not only low but optimistic. While the number of screenings are on the

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Broken Circle

A mirror can’t judge youNor can it lie,A hung jury deliberating In a lawless box.Facing adjudication I swearOn a stack of miracles As a refugeeBelonging nowhere I get dressed for the trial anyway.Singing, humming, bustling Like yesterday but no chairAwaits me at any desk, no rustlingPaperwork into the corrals Where the palominos ran.I’m instead looking

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