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I’m Finally Vaccinated, Let’s Go Out Today!

You’re diagnosed with a terminal illness and you must ask yourself the following question: what would you do differently in your life or change about your life so If any week might be your last you’d be happy with it or at the very least okay with that week? I asked my husband this very

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Maskers Ball

Genetic alterations like cleft chins and widows peaks Clean white teeth and braces, Blush and pink watermelon lipgloss, Handlebar mustaches and biker beards All for nothing now and how ridiculous. Behind a mask there’s no way to flash a smile of gratitude to a shop clerk or for someone’s kindness in holding open a door.

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A metastatic incurable romantic: am I wasting my precious time writing poems?

If you’re old enough you’ll remember the ABC Wide World of Sports voiceover while Slovenian skier Vinko Bogataj, whose immortalized crash off a ski-jump, came to epitomize defeat. While he falls down a mountain off a ski jump now over 50 years ago, the recognizable voiceover emotionally says, “the thrill of victory and the agony

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