Crisis Competition

You loud mouth obnoxious woman!

You prompt a scream –

You queue my time.

You pour gas in the stream,

You victimize my crime.

With no context –

No reason no less,

No wonder you press,

Upon my body’s guest.

I reasoned and grieved.

(I killed everyone)

I sewed up the sieve,

I flew near the sun.

I garaged the insane.

I slammed my doors wide.

I fled by the main,

Determined – Denied.

Traffic moves and redirected, 

Wheels crush undertow

God indifferently stepped in

Crushing us under tiptoe.

Who raises their kids?

He pays off the lead.  

Laughing, “god forbid!”

In the tall grass and weeds,

Too late, then adopted.  

Rotator cuffs and helicopters,

Boys master gas lighting, shrugs,

Hold jars fueled by tail light bugs.

Heaving forward for cause 

The Duchess of sad laws

I confused her. Now a kiss?

My burning limbs avail, flailing amiss.

Blue to start healing.  

Yellow as yesterday’s crush.

Red and no closer to sealing

Green islands sail by in a rush.

You prompt me to whisper.

You want to kiss her.