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How are you?

Cancer is just one physical brick in the wall after the next, one emotional brick in the wall after the next, another pill, another side effect, another loss. The word terminal to describe an illness that kills it’s sufferer, makes so much more sense now. Not so much in 2015 when I was diagnosed. The

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What’s on your heart today?

Leave the heavynessOn the floor beside youAnd let air pour in the door slightly open and without lossTell me what weighs on your heart.Nature herself laughs and clapsWith thunderous air. Leave your caresBeneath the eaves and breathe Inside a forest where you litterThe needle bed with despair.Allow a friend to sit a bit, just a

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Hearts and Bones, Hope and Stones

I entered a few places on our trips to and from Stanford, I truly wish people would realize that our lives matter too and their refusals to wear masks prevent people from access to healthcare and clinical trials that have to be postponed or even canceled due to the risk of infection from Covid.