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Fulmination and the Necessity of Letting Go

To fulminate is to hurl verbal denunciations, severe criticisms, or menacing comments at someone. Rarely, it is used in its original sense, “to kill by lightning”. Fulminates are a class of explosives used in detonator caps. They are named for the startling suddenness with which they explode. I’m angry. I feel compelled to leave this

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“Let go of your ego.Send it up up and away!For a while, anyway.”Opening my each Of my eyes I wonderDid anyone even notice I’d gone upAscending into the cloudsLike a bird or a plane.I’m looking downAt unmapped topography. Memories of me:Images of a wolf runningThrough unknown forests Below the tree canopy; A blue heron Flying

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Knock knock: depression calling!

Bing bong bing bong bong bong bing bong (Big Ben chimes doorbell) Me: who is it? Depression: oh an old friend! Me: [excited because I’ve been isolated for seven months, opens door expectantly] Oh, no. It’s you. How did you get our new address? Depression: I can find you anywhere at any time in anyplace

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