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The Talk about Cancer Podcast: Redefining purpose through writing with Serena Hu and Ilene Kaminsky

We talked in-depth about how one’s life after a cancer diagnosis becomes not only difficult but sometimes falls completely apart. After my diagnosis with de novo (from the beginning) metastatic lobular invasive carcinoma, hormone receptor positive in March of 2015, the path I was on had completely lost purpose and I’d lost my way. I

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The Art of Memory: Or my life as a mixed tape

Positively SpeakingSpecifically as it relates to having metastatic breast cancer, thinking positive may work as a curative for some. I’m not a reliable posit of positivity. I can’t hug the philosophy that a congenial attitude somehow will create a better physical environment to heal myself of cancer. I feel great some days, like shit others.

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Soul Drunk

“Don’t wait” the first Invitation*, states.Subject and verb meantWhat I heard: it’s my turn.These wasted times,My healthy days numbered Counting crows in a line.Life and death married And birthed you together So don’t wait for Tonight or for daylight When winds kick up a messOf better yesterdays.Sour mash in a dirty glass Ice diluting the

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