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Mammography Recommendations by Breast Surgeons – Dense Breast Matters

http://www.breastsurgeons.org/docs/statements/Position-Statement-on-Screening-Mammography.pdf If you’re one of those women who have either homogeneously dense or extremely dense breasts, take a read of this downloadable PDF. And if you’re not diagnosed yet or haven’t had a yearly 3-D mammogram and you’re aware of your breast density bring this with you to your next GP or OBGYN appointment. Or

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Music for Your Soul

Music & Cancer: Welcome to your very own Cancer Public Radio! Coping and confronting cancer through the therapeutic and healing power of music. A dedicated space exploring all the ways music, sound and song, provides support to those of us enduring cancer. Led by Rudy Fischman a terminal brain cancer endurer and Mila Knight a

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The Memory of Hope

My memory of time catches my eye around corners, forgotten in places where dust collects, where I found innocence. Was I ever bereft of compassion? Or is it guile, just kids on a gymnasium floor throwing a sun-sized red ball, aiming for black boxes and for the kill. Are we still so cruel? Hit hard

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