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Our house holds all I loveYet The door is openFor there’s always roomFor more -one more, many moreLove knows no boundsLove is my sanctuary.My door is open.Every nightThe owls ask whoWho are youWho is homeWho is gone?Every morningThe doves cryCooing in mourningFor those who have goneThe afternoons bringLight casting long shadowsThrough the crystalsIn the heart

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Who’s at the door? Emerging Carefully from Lockdown

“Someone’s knocking at the door/ somebody’s ringing the bell/ someone’s knocking at the door/ somebody’s ringing the bell/ do me a favor, open the door/ and let ‘em in” Paul McCartney Dreaming of the things we took for granted I feel a bit of fresh air finally coming in through my open door. Along with

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Mammography Recommendations by Breast Surgeons – Dense Breast Matters

http://www.breastsurgeons.org/docs/statements/Position-Statement-on-Screening-Mammography.pdf If you’re one of those women who have either homogeneously dense or extremely dense breasts, take a read of this downloadable PDF. And if you’re not diagnosed yet or haven’t had a yearly 3-D mammogram and you’re aware of your breast density bring this with you to your next GP or OBGYN appointment. Or

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