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Let’s Stop Calling Metastatic Breast Cancer “Chronic”! | Nancy’s Point

Let’s Stop Calling Metastatic Breast Cancer “Chronic”! | Nancy’s Point — Read on nancyspoint.com/lets-stop-calling-metastatic-breast-cancer-chronic/ This is an important and well written post by my good friend and part of my virtual support network Nancy whose books are outstanding if you’re just diagnosed, if you’re deciding on reconstructive surgery, if you’re a carer (better word for

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https://fivedotoh.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/95c54222-adf8-4ace-9cee-ba8dad473d07.jpeg?w=636&h=795 I’m not afraid of my city, the way people once behaved as one might catch cancer if they came close to me. Stranger hours bring strangers in the darkness and the night closes down the city. In the darkness there’s a hiding place for everyone. In everyone there’s a place where darkness resides. We

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Good Doctors Listen

As I sat in my oncologists office last week a young first year resident entered the exam room. I was not warned by my oncologist’s nurse – very unusual. Yet I was not worried to see him either, since my oncologist certainly wouldn’t put someone in a room with me who wasn’t capable of good

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