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The Little Prince(ss)

I’ve no time for fiction anymore. A folly of a hobby, yet what could taste sweeter than this wasted layer cake? Years and weeks, those larger tenders for anyone with leisure time to spare (How can I afford those considerable denominations, now, anyhow?) Can I recall whose face frowns on the thousand? Whomever, he held

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Writers with Cancer: Therapy beyond Cut, Burn & Poison

Therapeutic Expression For over five years now since my de novo diagnosis with metastatic breast cancer, writing continues to provide me with a positive outlet. After a diagnosis that destroys the path before me, the disease and all of the ups and downs of a terminal metastatic cancer experience have to find a way out.

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New Born Evergreen

Wandering questions before a wooded labyrinth Whisper, asking for a grand theory A cannon filled with run on unpunctuated sentences And questions unanswerable, Heard as whispers in the wind, barely audible! For the life of me I couldn’t tell you who said what or what they said. But that’s the sounds of trees for you:

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