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  1. Cool! This will be fun. I was almost an English major but I ended up an Eng major (Engineering). There are many ways to shoot down a project but the best way to continue one is simply “Don’t Quit”. Presume good will and attribute disconnects to “communication problems”. Thank you Ilene. If you choose to participate you can reach me via mlberg.caregiver.blog@gmail.com
    Thank you, Dan

  2. Hello Ilene I hope that my Caregiver Manuals for Men can give encouragement to persons in caregiving relationships. Meanwhile I am off to a new adventure: I am forming a collaborative writing venture. Next target: a horror story to rival Mary Shelley’s work. Would you care to write and contribute ideas? You can find examples on https://existsinmymind.wordpress.com/2020/03/21/collaboration-writing-project/
    Previously I tried to write horror and got overwhelmed with gore (do you prefer gore to horror? Here’s an example: http://mlbergs4.blogspot.com/p/after-tax.html).

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Dan Zeorlin

    1. I like it! I having been and still am an English major will be delighted. I do need to remind my chemo addled brain so if you don’t hear from me soon…ping me. Please – I need a few pings in the head from time to time!

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