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Community Born of Solitude

It’s all about perspective. This entire global debacle, even from the cat’s point of view, indelibly changed the daily regimes of everyone, everywhere, with everything we do. Normally my writing calms me down. And it is. As I write these words my cracks that just began showing this week slowly begin to close, like a scar forming on an open wound.

Help – or, the musing of a magic mountain Wonder Woman

Raven “runs a cottage retreat [and] offers free breaks for cancer / end of life patients…a soul midwife, end of life companion, and advocate for anyone who needs her. No charge – free. Therapies visits support all free.”

How to Move with Metastatic Cancer (hint: HELP!)

How do you handle huge life events with metastatic cancer? As best as you can and with slow determination. Asking for assistance from your friends and from your family sometimes doesn’t pan out. I have a wonderful friend I made years ago at a garage sale. She was a couple of dollars short and I’d

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