Category: Cancer Poetry

The Final Cut

Did they get enough from meWith the deftness of a surgeon?Were my borders clean and neatOr does my destiny includeA shorter life of restless false religion?I once built walls and set my boundariesBut with a deadly diagnosisIt’s difficult to know where I start and endWas my deciding even takenInto considerationWhen my rough edges showedEverything the

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The Final Cut – A Poet with Cancer

Sometimes when I’m driving, I’ll begin to make up songs. Especially driving to doctors’ appointments, and scans, and to infusion treatments. I rarely can write them down. It’s hard to write when I’m driving myself to these appointments. Yesterday presented a prime example of the missed opportunities of which I speak. Then it occurred to

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Hope Leaves

Hope lives In yellow lemons heavy and ripe with the color of all sunshine.Trees aching with sour blissSomehow finding happinessWhile wearing the remains Of lingering acid kisses.Long before we arrivedAll that light found a singleBranch. I look in my handHaving the entire universe Right in my palm.Mystery peels back the miseryReplaced by heat and the

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