#read-poetry #poetry Limping, wrapped in tattered ink black cloaks, now take in the Life of isolation. Rejected instead we Invented the church, now seated‬ in trees‪seeding our treasure chestsfrom round our necks. Songs without key or measure ‬Sing from the ribs‪Spacing the breaths, peeling back fascia with rusted old tools. Oh, alchemy, come find our… Read More Anathema

Poetry Friday @JBBC Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

Poetry Friday Poetry Friday — Read on I write poetry when the my heart calls to me and as a job of sorts, I must write to practice the craft. Draft after draft. (Crumlples up paper, throws and misses basket, starts again…) I write haikus in #haikuwars with @thankscancer and their followers. I write… Read More Poetry Friday @JBBC Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

On Fire

You now hear my broken chords
Faintly in the the distance unmoored
Loosed and free until run aground
Upon a salty moore. Safely cleaned
I glean on the white million grain shore
And here I lay against my will
Here grounded evermore.
Yet I’ll still wake in the morning.
Habitually when my hands
Parting the sheets aways, sailed
Long gone I still reach after you.
I’m the water, the dew
Maturing into a pinguid mist
As the hands strike up the
Song we clap at noon.
The hour’s imminent.
Time to ride a wicked dream on
A silk weaved carpet twisted
With last night’s ghostly breath.

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