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All things in time, all for the reasons on which my life tumbles and turns to the songs of the spheres. Remind me as I am a human being, the universe tells me when I need to know: all is well. All is well.

Riding Cancer Trains and Cancer Buses (but without BRCA and Triple Negative Breast Cancer)

It’s ironic that another metastatic breast cancer thriver and I share a very similar blog title: The Cancer Train by @WarriorMegsie – Underscored by assumptions on how we look and how we may die someday, hopefully far out in the future rather than statistically closer to today. We know too well the emotional collateral damage of both cancer and of discrimination far better than we do. Our awareness is highlighted in no small part due to the assumptions people make about the brands of #cancer we both have. She’s not triple negative because she’s African American and I’m not #BRCA because I’m an Ashkenazic Jew.

Absolutely Late, Lately: Adding up the Moment(s) of Terminal Cancer

Wanting more time before it’s all over leads me down the rabbit hole into a place where I get lost. Lost inside a book, a song, a sunrise, a hug, a poem I’m writing, a memory, or a hope for something in a future that can at any moment be cut like a scene in an editors office from a films final print. I’m not lost on my path, though. It’s winding and it’s convoluted and full of time that I’ve somehow let slip by.