Cancer Online Resources

A living documented attempt at sharing information I’ve stumbled onto that’s of interest with those who may stumble into my Blog. Not intended to be exhaustive, but out of my research I come upon resources that you may be able to get help or some interesting information for yourself or a loved one with cancer.

Latest additions first
Living Beyond Breast Cancer – you will reference this site again and again.Breast Where to find the San Antonio Conference dates and info
Casting For Recovery – Fly Fishing for free around the US for cancer patients at any stage of their journey
Asbestos Caused Mesothelioma
Better Health for cancer patients and survivors
Cancer Fighters Thrive now online only subscription based magazine
Metastatic Breast Cancer Network
Association of Cancer Online Resources
Inspire online groups of great use updated regularly
Sending cancer patients on vacation free – including freestyle vacations where the patient wants to go
Association of Cancer Online Resources – Out of date links to old data sources
Better Health Foundation
The Cancer Answer
Charlotte Maxwell Clinic – Integrative cancer care for the underserved in the Bay Area
Service Space – a really great uplifting news feed through the Daily Good and other charitable organization resources – project based
Immunotherapy focused Cancer Research
Ginger – Online based, video conference for psychiatric and psychological care
Research on Stress and Cancer – video included in the content

Not So Stories How a charity oversold mammography
Our feel good war against breast cancer NYTimes’s financial assistance resources for patients

NIH Good explanation of metastatic cancer for education and information and good graphics to answer the questions such as – are you in “remission?”

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