In the support love kindness and 
Set out upon the rivers of friendship to search for
Distant fires of the hearth of homes
The heartbeats of the drums
Of rhythmic healing
To the same time as yours
As mine
And in the depth of cool water
Changed the rocks as I skimmed by
To see you on the shores ahead
Waving me into sweet dreams and blue skies
From memory of those days when we were small
Before the River brought us all
home where it’s safe
To ask why and what and make
All the mistakes and a bandage
In calm hands awaits and a kiss
To seal the healing in and out
For the eyes of friendship hold still
all the light and turn darker days and blue black Raven nights
Into everlasting peace
and no words but silence
known to express the sound of grace -
or the sweet scent of an embrace.
How love sounds in silence
When rejoicing in the warm air
The same as the temperature of blood where
Home and family are not defined.
But let the River flow
And you’ll end your tumultuous ride
In the arms of each spirit’s knowing
Why to not question today or tomorrow
But accept the gift of beautiful you, just for everything you are
And how we go on together
Changing only my life with the rivers gift of you.
I know I’m home, now peace now love now understanding
Wraps me in the breeze as you walk me home together
And it’s now that I can see.

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    1. Thank you Janet! I’m always flattered by your kindness of compliments to my writing – I don’t do it for the praise but it doesn’t hurt one bit!

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