Ode to Calling for Silence

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I am still.
At this moment
I am bathed
In my silence
Skilled in self
Fear and doubt.
Maybe our keys to
Gain access
To the power
Of these
quiet bones
Rolled out on
The carpets
Of all colors
lead to
Where sit
Freedom’s keys:
Sweet relief
From the prison
Of thought.
Wafts of hearing
What’s taught us
By the hand locking
The diocese of
Life. Nobody owns
me like silence.

I find at first
Sitting open
One solid urge
Then an eye
Another still,
Aye! Flash open
Like party confetti
Or a print
In a fresh
New first snow.
Yet do we all
Peek out from inside
Our conscious urges
A simple question
Raising hands
To fill the voids
with word swords.

Yet dear ones
Friends and those
Who now remain
Quietly, softly
With the warm water
Of summer’s
first rains:
As children
Became games
And Boots
From mother.
It’s a game
A gamble to reach
For safety in
The number one.

And suddenly fall
Fell like a
huge red tree
For winter wood
What good can be
Split with an axe
Held by forearms
Bearing warnings
And blessings be
Perhaps a wife
Or the lover at sea?
And a thundering
Jack of all lumber:
“Well now this
Becomes property
Of to whom it
May concern.”

Cards readily fit
Inside envelopes of
Red, gold, green
Much like fall
Leaves, as postage
Stamp pays
Homage to the
Friends we lost
On a list
Names crossed
Off from
Called Xmas
Or holiday or
Some such.

To spread joy
by sowing
Seeds to harvest
for next year
Has an old
acquaintance been
Forgotten to get
like a fresh pear
Where at will
A partridge sat
Stop the tree
As a reminder
Breaking my

Yet Auld Lang Sine
And an ode to a mouse
Perhaps Burns saw beauty
where now we scurry
Judge and jury -
Scared into the house.
She’s here first.

Yet highways run out
Of sight
Why not think I’m
There? The beasts came out
And we followed
Not the other way
Yet all of life’s
From birth
To dying breath mark
My scope of work
leaves prints upon
some poor little
Creature’s neck.

Say no more
The pest broke
silence long before
The winter’s grayish
roads with slipr’y
ice on earth
where the second
car spun out
And off the road.
I saw them
Hover above
Not ready yet
To lose the
New car forewarned
Can’t take it
With me
And I do agree
a belted seat
a bag of air
Never protected
Me from cancer
but they’re
Now free
With the
mouse and me.

Next time in silence
Sit with a risk if
I hold my lips
from sound effects
Or quick quips
Quiet and equipped
Like the boots
The traps, the keys
The tires, the road
The secreted card
Hidden love
Envelopes with stamps
Holidays mean I
Make it to this
Year again
But do I want to
Get more wood
To burn my fires?

I’m alone again
Much more quietly
And cry like
A hungry baby.
Ask any girl.
She probably

Won’t speak a word
Of the days
Of silent firsts
Like the one day
You let
your mouth
Kiss mine unheard.

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