Unicorn Story on Breast Cancer Conversations, a New Podcast Episode with Laura Carfang co-founder of www.survivingbreastcancer.org

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“Breast Cancer Conversations is a breast cancer podcast cast hosted by a cancer survivor, Laura Carfang. Each week on Breast Cancer Conversations, you will hear inspiring interviews from oncologists, breast cancer survivor and thriver stories, and receive motivation, inspiration, and hope.”

– From Breast Cancer Conversations

This weeks episode features your blog-stress herself. Yes another podcast – but not my usual fare.

Not only can you dive in to find useful information, personal stories, people you may already know, like Kristie Konsoer. (Kristie’s blog is at KristieKonsoer.com and called Finding a Way. I read her blog posts loyally, and her humor comes through in her writing- laughter is some of the best medicine, and it’s a lot less expensive, too.) Kristie is a friend of mine from the Twitter and blog community- and that’s where friendships can develop, too.

Laura Carfang and I developed a fast friendship from our acquaintanceship over the course of three days of interviews over three consecutive weekends, for nearly three hours each week.

This, the first podcast goes into my initial diagnosis and my experiences during the early months of treatment.

I hope you’ll enjoy listening into the conversation – the podcast’s title is spot on.

You’ll also find my poetry on their site, too. So if you just can’t get enough here, head on over to survivingbreastcancer.org where you’ll find more poetry and personal stories to read and to hear. There’s many talented voices in our community… having this opportunity to share with you is my honor.

Thank you again Laura – you’re a true friend to me and the breast cancer community, everywhere. I love talking to you and I know my blog friends will love you, too.

Okay everyone follow along with the link and stay tuned for upcoming episodes in the coming weeks.

Please don’t forget to follow and subscribe to the podcast and sign up for SBC’s mailing list. You will find interesting and interactive options no other organizations are offering quite the way they do.

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