Stripped Bare: in the backyard with my breast cancer, a video blog post

Thank you to my dear dear friend Rudy Fischman for editing. What would we do without our friendships? Rudy’s got inoperable brain cancer and like all my terminal friends I never take a moment of life with them for granted. It’s too bad so many others do.

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  1. Dear Ilene, good to see you and hear your views and experiences. The misholding of information (even when we are told it’s for our own ‘good’), the assumptions made about how much we can and want to understand, the time pressured consultation environment etc that all contributes to unnecessary stress and distress. I once stumbled across a twitter conversation between breast cancer surgeons where one differented between patients who are ‘hawks’ and ‘doves’. The disrespect and lack of patient-centeredness is astounding. Sending you love. Karin

  2. Your environment is just like you described. It’s lovely. And you look lovely too without makeup on. Everything feels relaxed.

    1. Thank you Serena. It’s not often I let anyone see what this disease has done to me with the ravages of the systemic medication intended extend my life, but not to cure me. There’s false hope in the three people touted by the pharmaceutical companies to keep us taking them and hoping for that miracle clinical trial with the odds being so small it’s surely the best PR stunt I’ve ever witnessed. Much love, Ilene

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